What is Hoop Dance?

Hoop Dance is a combination of hula hooping and dancing, and it’s a great way to stay active while you have fun.
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Adult Classes

Hoop dance classes for adults combine traditional hoop tricks with a low impact cardio workout  that engages your entire core.
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What is Lansing Hoops?

Lansing Hoops is an organization based in Mid-michigan that provides classes, parties, assemblies, coaching, training, and events all based on hula hooping, and hoop dance. Michigan has a growing hoop community, and the goal of Lansing Hoops is to show, and grow, the hoop love! Read more on our About page.

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Lazy Back (Butt) Roll Hoop Dance Tutorial

Introducing the Lazy Back (Butt) Roll Nat from Dances with Crows asked me about butt roll the other day and I was ashamed to admit this 'butt roll' is really just a lazy back roll. It is the product of idly releasing your hoop and forgetting to extend your arms....

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Top 10 Tips to Become a Better Flow Teacher

Teaching is one of the best ways to improve your own hoop dance skills, and has the added benefit of helping others. Plus, it is awesome to see flow artists excited about sharing the love in their own towns. But, a good flow teacher is more than someone who hoops well.

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