What is Hoop Dance?

Hoop Dance is a combination of hula hooping and dancing, and it’s a great way to stay active while you have fun.

Adult Classes

Hoop dance classes for adults combine traditional hoop tricks with a low impact cardio workout  that engages your entire core.

What is Lansing Hoops?

Lansing Hoops is an organization based in Mid-michigan that provides classes, parties, assemblies, coaching, training, and events all based on hula hooping, and hoop dance. Michigan has a growing hoop community, and the goal of Lansing Hoops is to show, and grow, the hoop love! Read more on our About page.

Latest Blog Posts

Adult Hoop – 4 Week Session

Beginner and intermediate hoopers will love this 4 week hula hoop dance class. Learn how to flow with your hoop and combine tricks into an amazing hoop dance workout. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you have hooping and laughing with new friends, plus...

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Youth Hoop – 4 Week Session

Youth hoop dance class is designed w/ young hoop dancers in mind. The class covers beginner and intermediate hoop dance tricks, as well as a group choreography that can be practiced along with any song. Hoop dance class for kids offers a combination of...

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Cardio Hula Hoop Workout

While hooping is known for helping tone your core, this class is designed to help you have fun! You'll be challenged to hoop on your hips, waist, knees, chest, shoulders, and more. And, with each new skill, you'll find a strength and confidence you didn't...

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