Nova LED Hoop

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Family Flow Arts LED Hoop!

This hoop features solid cool white and solid cyan LED. 

This hoop has an inner connection. Each hoop in 3/4" tubing will include one Tenergy battery, storage case and charger. Hoops in 5/8" tubing will include two TrustFire batteries.  LEDs in each hoop are spaced about 5" apart, pending hoop diameter. Diameters available: 28"-38" OD measurement. Your choice of 3/4 HDPE, 5/8 HDPE or 3/4 Polypro.

All LED hoops come with a 6 month warranty. This does not cover water damage or kinked tubing. 

These LED hoops are shipped directly from Family Flow Arts. Any other items purchased with these hoops will be shipped seperately from Supernova Hoops.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for LED hoops to arrive.