Corporate Hoop Dance Classes

Hula Hoop Dance Wellness Classes for Your Employees


Corporate Hoop Dance

FACT: Companies who invest in employee wellness programs can expect a $3 return for every $1 spent on the program. (

FACT: Stress-related absenteeism (like no-shows, call-offs, sick days, etc) cost employers $602 per employee annually.(


Why Corporate Hoop Dance?

Regardless of age, size, or skill level, anyone can hoop! And, since it’s so much fun, your employees look forward to hoop class and are committed to getting up and moving every day. (Don’t be surprised if you start seeing them hooping on their break!)

Laughing and relaxing with coworkers helps create a positive workplace morale, increases productivity, and improves employee health. And when employees enjoy coming to work there is a natural reduction in stress, which relates to less missed days and lost work for you.

Each hoop class is designed around the needs of your employees, with a focus on movements that help stretch and relax tight neck and back muscles from working at a computer all day. A hula hoop fitness class is an excellent before-work or mid-day workout that will leave your employees energized and refreshed.

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