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Lansing Hoops is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of our community through fun and play. That’s why we offer several ways to share hoop dance with your students and employees. A healthy lifestyle is easiest to maintain when it doesn’t feel like work, and the best thing about hoop dance is it’s so much fun you forget it’s exercise!

We offer hoop dance school assemblies, corporate wellness workshops, and library events, in Michigan and across the U.S.

Corporate Wellness & Team-Building

Companies who invest in employee wellness programs can expect a $3 return for every $1 spent on the program. And, since it’s so much fun, your employees look forward to hoop class and are committed to getting up and moving every day.

School Assemblies

Getting kids up and moving is important for their health and learning, but how do you motivate kids to exercise when other things, like tv, tablets, and computers seem to be taking all of their energy and free time?

Library Events

Hoop dance helps kids improve focus and concentration and builds confidence and determination. Host a youth hoop dance event at your library today!

My primary concerns were cost and entertainment value. When I found you, I knew I had found “it”.   I loved that you would demonstrate your skill, that your students would come and show what they have learned and especially that you would invite audience participation. I was surprised by the enthusiasm and engagement with our Japanese delegates!  I already knew what you could do by watching your videos.  But the way you got them up and participating was exactly what we wanted.  The contest Hoop-off was a great idea.

Linda Beeman

Board President Elect, Michigan Shiga Sister State Program

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