Check out what Lansing Hoops’ students have to say about hoop dance!

Adult Hula Hoop Class LansingI was concerned about the cost and the fact that I knew I wasn’t good at hula hooping. I bought one at the store a couple years ago and could not waist hoop for more than a second or two.

I was surprised at how easy it is once you learn some techniques. I feel like I progressed quickly considering that I really couldn’t hoop at all when I started.  Plus, I remembered how to do the different tricks from week to week.

It is so fun and very relaxing.  Especially for people who work a “boring” office job…hooping is a really nice change of pace.

Renee B.

HR Administrator

I remember seeing hoopers and thinking “I could never do that.” After finding an infinite number of tutorial videos online and the Lansing Hoops website, I realized it might be time for me to start something new. Missy’s class has given me the jump start and support I’ve needed to get started.

I was surprised how quickly I was able to try new techniques. Refining those techniques still takes a lot of time and practice, but Missy always has us try a few new things each class. I often find that after spending a week practicing on my own, I have a few new questions for Missy at the next class, to help me work out kinks.

I also appreciate the chance to hoop with others who are learning at the same time because we can share ideas with each other. I would absolutely recommend a hoop class to anyone.We hoop to a variety of music styles in class, so I’ve come to appreciate hooping no matter what mood I’m in.

Libby Busdicker

Student, Michigan State University

Before I tried  hooping I was a little concerned about what the neighbors might think. I honestly thought any normal suburbanite might think what I was doing was pretty weird, on the verge of desperate considering all the gyrating. *wink* Hoop class is great because you look over and see someone else wiggling and think, “It’s ok to move my body like that! Gyration is welcome here!”

After starting hoop class I realized how much I needed that chance to regularly step out of my day to day role and give myself this opportunity to have the kind of fun that hooping invites. Also, I like that it’s exercise, but I’m not stuck on a machine just moving for the sake of moving. My brain is engaged in the process of figuring out different tricks.

I definitely recommend hoop class! It’s like a safe place to try something new. A smile is guaranteed to show up on the face of anyone who picks up a hoop and gives it a spin! I decided to try hooping because it’s healthier than drinking….and because I wanted to have more fun in life, not take everything so seriously. Hooping helps me escape, let loose, and smile more!

Ok, I could go on and on about hooping. I really really enjoy it and think everyone everyone everyone should try it!!

Emily Tillman

Stay-At-Home Mom

Before I tried hooping, my biggest hang up was being embarrassed to dance in front of anyone else. I was very self-conscious and really my worst enemy. After I started hooping, I was honestly surprised at how much I liked to hoop.

Even though I wasn’t the best hooper in class, I look forward to having time out and learning new tricks with my hoop. I needed something to get me motivated and this encouraged me to get up, get out, and start being more active! I would (and have) recommended hooping to others, It’s been so much fun!

Tracey Davis

Stay-At-Home Mom

Corporate and private hoop dance events are a blast! Check out what these clients had to say after working with Lansing Hoops.

cadl_logoIt was an excellent program – thank you!!!  I was definitely impressed with your professionalism, willingness to work with us, your ability to work so well with the kids, and your enthusiasm. Your program was great and I look forward to having you back again sometime.

Cassie Veselovsky

Youth Librarian, Capital Area District Library

Saginaw Township Community SchoolsWe were looking for something new and original that would engage/entertain the kids.  My biggest concerns was with a diverse age group (K-5th grade) if you would be able to engage all of them.  You did a wonderful job of changing things up from the K-2nd group to the 3rd-5th group. This really catered to their feeling of independence, I was surprised that almost half of them preferred to continue learning instead of having more free time.

We were thrilled with the entire thing and the kids continued talking about it more than a week later.  I was most impressed by how much the older boys enjoyed it.  They are definitely my hardest to please group and they were totally engaged participators. I would absolutely recommend you and hope to have you return to us next summer.

It was super fun, super original, and a super good work out.  We loved the entire event from start to finish. You were wonderful to work with and quick to respond to every message. So glad we found you!

Michille Federer

Summer Camp Director, Saginaw Township School District

michiganshigaMy primary concerns were cost and entertainment value. When I found you, I knew I had found “it”.   I loved that you would demonstrate your skill, that your students would come and show what they have learned and especially that you would invite audience participation. I was surprised by the enthusiasm and engagement with our Japanese delegates!  I already knew what you could do by watching your videos.  But the way you got them up and participating was exactly what we wanted.  The contest Hoop-off was a great idea.

Linda Beeman

Board President Elect, Michigan Shiga Sister State Program

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