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Hula hoop dance assemblies are a fun way to teach health and wellness!

Getting kids up and moving is important for their health and learning, but how do you motivate kids to exercise when other things, like tv, tablets, and computers seem to be taking all of their energy and free time?
Hula hoop dance school assemblies are the perfect way to teach health and wellness at the elementary level because they’re so much fun students forget they’re exercising! Plus, hula hooping is fun on your own, or with friends, and can be practiced on the playground all year long.
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We were looking for something new and original that would engage/entertain the kids.  My biggest concerns was with a diverse age group (K-5th grade) if you would be able to engage all of them.  You did a wonderful job of changing things up from the K-2nd group to the 3rd-5th group. This really catered to their feeling of independence, I was surprised that almost half of them preferred to continue learning instead of having more free time.
Michille Federer

Summer Camp Director , Saginaw Township Community Schools

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