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MHDR 2017

The second annual Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat is back and this year is going to be even more amazing. A new, more private location, allows for more workshops, better accomodations, and the ability to party late into the night.

The retreat will feature a variety of hoop dance workshops, auxiliary flow classes, fire flow sessions, an LED jam, and an unbelievable community of friends new and old. Flow artists from all over Michigan come together to expand their skills, learn from each other, and form friendships that will last a lifetime.
The retreat will feature Michigan and Midwest hoop dance instructors who are committed to growing the hooping community in our state. From isolations to doubles, core and multiples work, you will have the opportunity to expand your skills in several different areas.

MHDR 2017

Who can attend?

If you live in or love Michigan and you want to learn more about hoop dance, you are invited. For your own enjoyment, it is recommended that you can already waist hoop and know a handful of off-body hoop tricks. You should have a good grasp (literally and figuratively) on your hoop, but you don’t have to be “advanced”…whatever that means.

**This is an 18 & older event. Due to insurance and liability issues, this retreat is limited to attendants who are 18 years of age and older. No children are allowed at the event.

**Pets are not allowed at this event. Please leave your nonhuman friends at home, with a sitter, or at a kennel for the weekend.

**You must have a ticket to enter the event. If you do not have a ticket, you will not be allowed in.

Where is the retreat?

Sunset Place Campground
676 W. Dansville Rd. 
Mason, Michigan

Camping and workshops are included in the cost of your retreat ticket. Bring what you would normally bring to go camping. A tent, sleeping gear, clothes, etc. Food is not included in the cost of your ticket. Please bring camp-friendly food, or plan on leaving the campground to eat at a restaurant.

You do not have to stay at the campground to attend the retreat. You are welcome to come and go as you please. However, if you leave after 10 pm, re-admittance is not allowed until 8 am the following day.

When is the retreat?

August 11-13, 2017

MHDR 2017 starts on Friday afternoon. Attendants are welcome to arrive any time after 3 pm. Early entry will not be allowed. Once camp is set up, feel free to explore the grounds, meet your hoop neighbors, or just chill and relax.

Friday evening will kick off the event with a Fire Flow Jam. Bring your fire toys, or buy wicks from one of our on-site vendors. Or enjoy the show from the sidelines, while other hoopers show off their fire skills.

On Saturday morning, plan on being ready to hoop bright and early. Workshops will be scheduled throughout the day and into the early evening. These sessions are the core of MHDR, so plan on spending at least a few hours each day exploring and playing with your hoop.

Saturday night we’ll have a group bonfire and LED jam. The new location offers a private camping area that allows us to stay up dancing late into the night. Bring your extra batteries!

Sunday morning starts with a group potluck breakfast. Enjoy getting to know your new flow mates, have a meal, and relax. On Sunday afternoon you’ll have the choice to attend more workshops, or pack up your site and get ready to head back.

Trash facilities are limited. Please plan on packing out excessive trash and cleaning your space to a better-than-you-found it condition. MHDR is as awesome as you make it. Your help is appreciated!

What is included in the retreat?

There’s the fire flow jam, all-day workshops Saturday and Sunday afternoon, the community potluck breakfast, the LED night jam. And, of course, all of your camping fees are covered. But, it’s hard to sum up the energy, love, and community encompassed at MHDR.

You’ll get to experience friendship and connections in and outside of your hoop that you’ve never had before. It’s about so much more than hooping. You’ll find your people there.

Will You Be At Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat 2017?

The Michigan hoop community is booming and there is nothing like meeting a new friend who shares and understands your love of flow arts. This retreat brings that love to you.

**See below for guest pass access restrictions.

*All sales final. No refunds permitted. Exchange subject to a $25.00 transfer fee.

The spirit of the whole event pleased me. I don’t think there was a moment that I was bored, uninspired, or lonely. I made new friends that I look forward to seeing in the future. I was surprised by the diversity there. Women of all ages and sizes and skill levels, and men too. Everyone had their own flare to bring to the event and it wouldn’t have been the same without a single one of us.

MHDR 2016 Attendee

You will meet hoopers from all over Michigan, ranging from a variety of skill sets and backgrounds. You’ll form friendships and insights, and learn hoop tricks that will expand your flow and your mind.You will leave sore, tired, and happy, with a full heart.

So don’t delay! Tickets are limited. Purchase your all-access pass to MHDR 2017 today!

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**Your PayPal email address will be used to contact you with retreat details after you register. Please look for an email with important access information.

**Guest pass access is limited. Guest tickets are offered on a one per full ticket price basis, and there are only a handful of spots available. Guests are welcome to attend our flow jams and participate in the community aspect of MHDR2017. Guests are not allowed access to workshops. There are several area attractions to explore during the day. Or, feel free to stay and hang at your campsite.

*All sales final. No refunds permitted. Exchange subject to a $25.00 transfer fee.