So Much Fun, You’ll Forget It’s Exercise!

“Hoop dance class is great because you look over and see someone else wiggling and think, it’s ok to move my body like that! Gyration is welcome here!”

Whether you’ve mastered waist hooping, or you’re still wondering how in the world to keep it up, you will have a blast in this adult hoop dance class!

East Lansing Hoop Dance ClassHere’s what you can expect out of each adult hoop dance class:

  • Focused attention on specific hoop dance techniques that can be expanded to included several advanced tricks
  • Learn how to flow with your hoop and combine several tricks into a beautiful hoop dance that doubles as a fantastic workout
  • Have fun, be inspired, smile more

These are some of the benefits of hoop dance:

  • Increased Flexibility
    • Hoop dance helps stretch and loosen tight joints and muscles
  • Improved Back Mobility
    • Hoop dance relaxes your spine and the tension in your back which is vital after sitting still all day at school or work
  • Whole Body Core Workout
    • Hoop dance focuses on strengthening your back, abs, hips, and neck while still allowing for a great arm and leg workout. Every muscle group is used in hoop dance.
  • Stress Relief
    • Hoop dance is a true mind-body workout that allows you to let go of everyday stress. You will leave each class feeling confident and sexy. It’s the perfect way to give back to yourself, after giving to everyone else all week long.

This is what a class looks like:

  • Warm up
  • Stretch
  • Hoop Technique Introduction and Group Instruction
  • Hoop Technique Practice and Individual Instruction
  • Flow Practice
  • Stretch
  • Meditation

Class Location:

1607 E. Kalamazoo

Lansing, MI 48912

Class Dates:

Classes are held Tuesday evenings from 8:00-9:00 pm.  New students are welcome to join at any time.


4 Week Program: $15/class ($60.00)

Drop-In Class: $20/class

Your first class is always free, so come on in and give it a shot! What do you have to lose?

To Register:

Fill out the following form click the button at the bottom of the page that says “I’m Ready to Hoop!”. Once we receive your registration we will email you with payment and other necessary class info. Make sure you use your best email so you get this information.

Hoop Class Registration

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Hoop Class FAQs:

What if I can’t waist hoop?

Don’t worry! When I first started hooping it took me FOREVER to get this down. Waist hooping is only a small part of hoop dance, so you will still have a ton of fun, even if you can’t keep the hoop up yet. But, with a few personalized tips (that I happily hand out to all of my students each week) and a little bit of practice, I am confident you’ll be waist hooping in no time.

Do you offer a drop-in rate?

Yes, please see the price breakdown above.

New students (16 yrs +) are invited to try their first hoop dance class at any time. To join us, complete the form at the bottom of the page and then show up to class about 5 minutes early.

Once you try it, if you’d like to keep hooping with us, we’ll discuss your needs and come up with a program that works for you.  If not, that’s fine too.  Either way, you’ll have a blast working out and dancing with us.

I don’t think I can make every class. Can I still join?

Of course! Each week we focus on a specific hoop technique, with variations depending on your skill level. These techniques build on the skills you have already learned, but can also be applied independently, so that no matter where you are on your hooping journey, you will still find hoop class challenging and fun.

What happens if I miss a class?

If you are sick, or have an emergency that keeps you from class, I will review on a case-by-case basis to allow you to add your missed class to the end of your current hoop program.

I don’t have a hoop. Can I still come to class?

You don’t need your own hoop to try out a class.  There are several extras you can borrow for the night.  If you decide you want your own, they are available for purchase.

Why do you meditate after hoop class?

Hooping is a full mind-body workout.  There are few activities that require you to focus so deeply, while releasing all extraneous thoughts. You can’t keep your hoop up if your mind and body are tense or focused on something else, because your hoop responds to the way you move and feel.

Meditating at the end of hoop class is the perfect way to seal in this focused mindset and set up your week to be positive and relaxed. Many students look forward to meditation as much as they do the hoop instruction and have found this helps them retain the information better than if they did not meditate at the end.