Is Hoop Love Coach Training for Me?

I took Deanne Love’s Hoop Love Coach Training about 6 months ago and my life looks completely different now. So, how has the program changed my life? 

Hoop Love Coach Training Changed My Life

Adult Hoop Dance ClassI had been working in my hoop business for about 14 months. I was making slow progress but felt like it was taking much longer than it should to gain traction. I had a decent business sense, knew a bit about online marketing, and was working to build an awareness of hooping in my area and provide hoop dance classes and learning opportunities to the people of Mid-Michigan.

The problem I faced was that not many people had heard of hoop dance in Mid-Michigan, and those who had would get together privately as friends to share with each other, but unless you knew someone, you might never find out hooping existed. I was offering hoop classes and going to schools and youth programs to share hooping with kids (gotta start ’em young!), but even though I had had some success, I felt like I was spending a lot of time in my business that could be spent in other ways that would be more effective. I just didn’t know what those things were.

Get Out of Your HeadI couldn’t see outside of my business in order to get everything aligned and make it run smoothly.
It was frustrating, isolating, exhausting. I have 3 daughters, so on top of trying to run a hoop business and build the hoop community in the area all by myself, I was also trying to manage being a mom and take care of a home. It was devastatingly overwhelming and I was beginning to think I would have to give up (at least temporarily) my dream to be a hoop dance teacher.

So in the fall of 2015 I talked to my husband about the Hoop Love Coach Training program and told him that I thought it would make it possible to spend all of my time teaching hoop dance and building an awareness of hooping in Michigan. I was terrified to invest in the program because our money was super tight after all the bills were paid, and not recouping the cost would mean being behind on several bills. I was also a little concerned that the program wouldn’t fit my needs because I’d been in my business for a while and was looking for more than a beginner training program, but, still needed some individual to help me figure out exactly what I was trying to make happen, and how to stop spinning my wheels so much.


After going back and forth about it, and getting my husband’s blessing, I emailed Deanne with my specific questions about the program, still unsure what I should do. She was super kind and honest in her response, and even offered a few referrals to people and training that I could take that might better suit my needs if I decided the Hoop Love Coach Training wasn’t for me.

In the end, I decided to purchase the training because of the genuine response Deanne sent in her email. It shows incredible integrity to refer me somewhere else when she could have easily told me she was convinced that her program would work for me. Her honest, sincere, and quick response let me know that the program would be structured in the exact same way. And I knew that what she was offering was the real deal, and that it really could work for me.

I met with Deanne on Skype twice during the course of my Hoop Love Coach training and she is exactly the same in person as she represents on her website, Facebook, Instagram, and everywhere. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about business, hooping, marketing, and creating an online presence. Deanne Love radiates ideas, spontaneity, excellence, and a commitment to your success.Hoop Love Coach Certified

If you are willing to do the work, Deanne will be with you every single step of the way, cheering you on and inspiring you to keep going. She is regularly available in the private Hoop Love Coaches community to answer any questions you have and give individual feedback. There is no question that’s too small (or too big) that Deanne won’t be able to offer you insight, guidance, and support. She is a regular beacon of shining light in the hoop world.

If you are just starting out and have no idea what you’re doing (or even what you want to do) know that Deanne Love’s Hoop Love Coach Training has a solution for you. If you’ve been in your business for a few months (even a few years) and you just need some direction from someone who’s been there and who cares, this training is for you. If you need someone with whom you can share your challenges and upsets, but also your joys and successes, and who just gets it, the Hoop Love Coach Training is for you. The people you meet and the connections you make, coupled with the exponential growth that happens as a result of being part of a community of people who all understand and are committed to the same goals as you, cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Michigan Hoop Dance RetreatAs a result of the Hoop Love Coaches Training program I have restructured my business so that I spend about two-thirds of the time working as I did before, and have increased my regular teaching opportunities to include a regular consulting job at a local school. I have also organized (and sold out!) the first ever Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat. There is also an awareness of hooping in Mid-Michigan that was never here before.

Most importantly, I no longer feel frustrated, isolated, and exhausted. Deanne’s positivity, multitude of tips, and never-ending ideas, leave you inspired and ready to take action. There are hundreds of Hoop Love Coaches who have your back every single day, and are available 24/7, in the private Hoop Love Coach community to help you out whenever you have a question, need support, or want to share your progress.

Missy Cooke Core HoopingWhen you find people who understand and are willing to be there to help you commit to your own success it doesn’t feel so isolating anymore. When you recognize there is someone else out there (who might even be just a few miles away) who is committed to the same goals you are, the shift is amazing. All of the sudden, instead of going at it alone, you have hundreds of supporters cheering you on from the other side of town, the state, and even the other side of the world.

By implementing the strategies, techniques, and ideas offered in the Hoop Love Coach Training you can eliminate the overwhelm that comes from doing lots of work, but not getting lots of work done. If you are unsure about whether or not this training program is for you, I would love to answer any questions you have.

Comment on this post and let me know what you’re concerned about and how I can help.  If you decide to purchase the program and you use this link I will get receive a a commission for the sale, but the program costs you the same.

Happy Hooping!