I know you have been patiently waiting to hear what workshops and who will be instructing at the 2016 Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat. Doubles, core, rolls, flow, and more.  There are over 8 hours of hoop dance instruction scheduled during the retreat and I know everyone is going to have a blast!

Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat Workshops & Vendors


Missy Cooke from Lansing HoopsMissy Cooke Lansing Hoops

Hi! I’m Missy Cooke, I own and instruct at Lansing Hoops, teaching and sharing hoop love with women and kids (and even a few guys) in Mid-Michigan and the surrounding areas. I organize the Lansing area summer hoop jam and host hoops dance classes and workshops all over the state. I present hooping to area schools, as a way to get kids excited about movement, dance, music, and math, and help teachers meet STEAM education criteria in their classrooms.

This my first year hosting the Michigan Hoop Dance Retreat and I am beyond excited to meet all of you in person. I can’t wait to share and learn new (and old) hoop dance techniques with you. But most importantly, we’re going to have a blast chilling on the beach, hanging with a great group of like-minded hoopers, and really getting to know who and what the Michigan Hoop Community is all about.


Brenda Fage from Michigan Hoop GirlsBrenda Fage Michigan Hoop Girls

Brenda knew from an early age that she wanted to be a dancer. Practicing ballet, pointe and jazz since she could walk, she’d spend her free time making up choreography anywhere she could find space. Discovering the hula hoop later in life offered a new perspective on her dreams of being a dancer. Brenda has been sharing the hoop love all over Metro Detroit and the Midwest since 2012. As one of the founding members of Michigan Hoop Girls, she offers weekly classes, organizes the annual World Hoop Day MI event, and hosts spin jams & workshops for the local hoop community.


Sarah Woelfel with Supernova Hoops Sarah Woelfel Supernova Hoops

Sarah Woelfel (Aka Sarah Supernova) is the owner and operator of Supernova Hoops in Plymouth, WI. She is a Hoopnotica certified instructor and has been teaching adult and children’s hoop dance classes and workshops for 2 years. She has trained with multiple hoop dance instructors including Brecken, Sharna Rose, Rachael Lust and Sheri Alice.

As a hoop dancer, Sarah has performed at various events and recently performed as a RAW artist in Minneapolis, MN. She is a trained fire performer and performs individually and with her fire troupe, Beings of Flame. Sarah’s fire props of choice are the fire hoop, fire staff and some fire eating.


Anna Evanson with Mindful-Flowanna faye evanson

Dancing since childhood, Anna has performed with various groups in simplistic and professional settings. Raised in Mason, MI she was a member of Children’s Ballet Theater of Michigan, and danced with them for 6 years before graduating. She attended Happendance, Danceworks, and Children’s Ballet Theater’s Academy as her home studios where she rehearsed and taught. Summer of 2014 she toured through Europe with Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp’s International Ballet Ensemble. Her choreography has been showcased in several shows involving dancers of many different backgrounds.



Jen Spiece from IMAJENation Hoop RevivalJen Spiece

Day Hoops & Festival Jewelry

OLD GONE NEW!! Repurposing the old, into something new! Creator of Recycled, Refashioned, Inspired, Inventive, Sensational Designs. Jennifer Spiece is a hoopsmith (beginner, polypro, hdpe) and clothing and jewelry designer. A true hooper at heart, all of her clothing redesigns (and other fashion oddities) have hooping in mind.


novaSarah Woelfel from Supernova Hoops

LED Hoops & Fire Flow Accessories

Sarah is teaching, as well as vending at this year’s event. She will have LED hoops and fire accessories available for purchase. Get ready for our Saturday night burn and flow jam on the beach!



Movement Meditation with Brenda Fage

This class is a fusion of concepts to bring you into a deeper relationship with your body and hoop. Taking traditions from yoga and blending them with techniques from modern day hula hooping, we connect with our breath and body to expand our awareness and master our selves. Dive deeper into your practice with movement meditation. This class is suitable for all skill levels.


Missy Cooke Core HoopingCore Hooping with Missy Cooke

This on-body hoop class is great for anyone who wants to improve their core or reverse current hoop techniques. The class covers waist, hip, chest, and shoulder hooping. And, for those of you who are up for a challenge, we will also cover spiraling the hoop up and down your body, and pulling your arms in and out of the hoop while core hooping.

Even if you have a handle on these hoop dance ‘basics’, this class will still leave you sweaty, sore, and smiling. On-body hooping uses every muscle in your body so come prepared with a water bottle and comfortable clothing. Remember, bare skin grips the hoop better than clothing, so shorts and and tank tops are recommended.


Rolls & Spins with Sarah Woelfel

This workshop focuses on palm/hand spins and body rolls. We will start with basic motions and build on them with more advanced techniques. We will work with different planes and movement through different levels. This workshop offers some tips and tricks for some smooth body rolls and how to make them “picture perfect” for those photo opportunities. Best of all, we will have fun doing it!


Doubles I & II with Brenda Fagebrendadoubles

Doubles I

We will learn both on- & off-body techniques as well as go over information about plane work, grip switches and transitions. We lay the foundation with basics such as 2- and 3-beat weave to grow into more advanced moves. This class will also include exercises to improve your coordination, an important part of learning doubles. This class is part 1 of a 2-part intensive review of doubles.

Doubles II

PREREQUISITE. You must have a basic understanding of the following; grip switches, anti-spin, and your planes. If you are unsure, please attend part 1 of this two part class or speak with Brenda directly.

This class is open to anyone who attended Doubles I, or who meets the prerequisite. We will go over moves that build off each other, such as the windmill, fountain variations, and the hug weave. We will work on traditional transitions, as well as introduce unique concepts such as body rolls and tosses, to open up our movement between the planes.


Hoop Dance & Flow with Anna Evanson

This class will be taught as a lyrical style dance class starting with a floor warm-up and moving into movement across the floor and 2 combinations at the end. Bring a hoop and clothes that you can squat and bend over in. The objectives of this class are to help you incorporate dance into your hooping combos while aiding flow.


saraheatingfireFire Flow Safety with Sarah Woelfel

This course will focus on fire safety for a fire hooper. We will start with what clothes to wear, what fuel to use, safety equipment and how to inspect your prop. Then, we will go over how and where to fuel your prop and extinguish it. We will also talk about the importance of a safety person and how to fire hoop safely. This workshop will help make you a confident and informed fire hooper!


Can’t wait to meet you at the retreat in August! If you have any questions, hit me up on Facebook or email  me at Missy@lansinghoops.com. See you on the beach!