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This is the first official Lansing Hoops blog post, so I figured I should start by giving you a little background on what it’s all about.  My name is Missy Cooke.  I teach hula hoop dance classes for kids and adults in Mid-Michigan.

I was introduced to hooping in June of 2013 by Sarah Jordan from Teach Kids to Hoop.  I met Sarah at a marketing workshop in NYC that we were both attending.  I had never heard of hoop dance before and was amazed that someone could create an entire business around it.

At that point I was quite focused on Six Thirty-One, my first business, where I help women create more happiness, fun, and balance in their lives.

A New Direction

Aside from my work on Six Thirty-One, I am also a mom.  Starting a business is hard, but it’s even more difficult with two kids under 4 and a tween.  I worked around their schedule and stayed home with the littles during the day.

I was exhausted from working around the clock, and never finding time to work out.  After months of desperately trying to find a way to stay active with the girls that kept all 3 of us entertained and having fun, I mentioned my frustration to Sarah.

She suggested I give hooping a try, and not long after that I took her Teach Kids to Hoop course.  I was having a blast “playing” with the kids, and my energy and motivation returned after finding an outlet for my stress from the long work hours.

Lansing Hoops Is Born

One of the reasons I first went into business for myself is so that I could help other women live happier, healthier lives. Hoop dance is an excellent way to do this.  It improves focus and concentration in kids, and helps adults release tension while increasing flexibility andAdult Hula Hoop Class Lansing balance.

Most of all, it’s so much fun, you forget you’re exercising.

I believe the best way to live happy and healthy, is to have fun as much as possible.  No one wants to do something miserable, and that includes getting in shape!  Trust me, as someone who has lost 60 pounds, I know how tough it is to stick with a boring workout routine.

That’s why I teach hoop dance.

I’m on a mission to show other women that being healthy can be fun.  You don’t have to beat yourself up in a gym, starve yourself, or do some other crazy thing to be healthy and fit.

When you are happy, you will naturally move toward being healthy.  Hooping makes me happy, and I think it will make you happy too.

Ready to get started?

Click this link to join us for a class.  The first one’s on me! ;).