Wow – what a difference a year makes!

11665761_705883376205848_493111158812645046_nThis year I have been blessed to grow Lansing Hoops from a small, barely there hoop dance ‘business idea’, into something much bigger. I’ve spoken to hundreds of kids about the fun and fitness of hooping. I’ve shared hoop dance with my community – offering free events that have gotten parents, grandparents, neighbors, and older siblings all involved in what they thought was just for kids.

I teach a regular adult hoop dance class that promotes self-love and healthy habits. I’ve published two adult coloring books – both of which help you relax and let go of your problems, if just for a few moments.

Last year at this time I had no idea that this year at this time I would be a published artist. I’d never even sold any of my art. One thing I’ve learned in 2.5 years of entrepreneurship is that you can never guess what opportunities will come your way. The only way to be open to them is to let go of the idea that you have control over them in the first place.

One way I do this is, rather than focusing on things, I focus on the feelings I want in my life. Then I choose to do (or not do) things that will enhance those experiences. These feelings are my personal over-arching themes. In the beginning of 2015 I completed an exercise called 3 Words. In it I chose 2 words that I was leaving behind, 3 words I was taking with me, and 3 words I was making room for in the coming year.

The three words I made room for were ‘growth‘, ‘abundance‘ and ‘giving‘. I had my own ideas for what these words would mean for me this year, but as it turns out, I got it all wrong. This only proves my earlier point that we never know exactly what’s coming, just that it’s coming.

This is why it’s so important to choose your own themes. You never really have control over any outcome. But, you can control your part in it. You can decide what you want in your life (and what you’re better off without). And then, when life throws you an unexpected opportunity, you will be perfectly lined up to accept it.